Plans for apartments in downtown Fairfield meets strong opposition

Dozens of residents went to a meeting in Fairfield Tuesday as city officials debate a proposal to build apartments, including some affording housing, in the downtown area.
People who arrived for the Planning and Zoning meeting say the six-story building with 63 units is just too tall and sits in an area that's crowded and prone to flooding.
The development would be built on Unquowa Road and Sanford Street near the theater and train station. They believe increasing density will make the area feel more like a city.
“It's going to hurt the integrity of the town,” said Rachel Fowler. “It's a small town and…when [I-]95 is backed up, traffic is horrendous on the Post Road.”
The development does have allies who believe affordable housing is needed in the town, but hundreds have signed a petition hoping to stop the project.