Police: Bridgeport veterinarian charged with animal cruelty

A Bridgeport veterinarian has been arrested on animal cruelty charges following a long investigation, officials say.
Amr Wasfi, a veterinarian at Black Rock Animal Hospital on Fairfield Avenue, was arrested in connection to the investigation, police say. Authorities executed a search warrant at the animal hospital today.
Police say they spent months investigating Wasfi following many complaints from customers who say their pets got worse, not better after receiving treatment from the animal hospital.
Jose Valentin tells News 12 it's a miracle his 1 1/2-year-old pit bull is alive. Valentin says he took his dog to Wasfi for a sprained knee back in February, and the animal ended up getting unnecessary surgery and almost dying.
Valentin says he took pictures after Wasfi operated on his pet, showing how the animal appeared to be emaciated and bleeding. The dog lost 22 pounds during a three-week stay at the hospital, according to Valentin.
Valentin says an X-ray provided by Dr. Wasfi was not even of his dog.
Valentin says he reported the case to police, who worked with him on their investigation, which helped lead to an arrest in the case. Police say Wasfi was arrested on animal cruelty charges during a routine traffic stop in Derby earlier this week, after police there saw his open warrant and took him into custody.
"I just don't understand how he's in this business, man. You're here to help, you know, the animals. When they're hurt, you help them ... and he's giving us our animals back hurt," Valentin says.
Wasfi was released on a $10,000 bond.  It will be up to state officials to decide whether he should be allowed to continue practicing.
"I think they should shut him down for good because this is not the first complaint that's been against him," says Valentin.
Police say they collected evidence and reunited animals with their owners.