Police: Bridgeport YMCA worker shot with pepper-spray gun; man arrested

A Bridgeport YMCA worker is recovering in the hospital after police say he was shot with a pepper-spray gun.
Alpha Community Services YMCA's Carmen Colon tells News 12 one of their employees was attacked on Thursday.
Police say Billy Pettway, of Bridgeport, fired three shots from a pepper-spray gun into the face of the front lobby attendant inside of the Harrison Apartments on State Street. The reason for the attack is unclear, although Pettway was about to get on the elevator when words were spoken followed by the encounter, according to Colon.
Pettway is facing charges of assault and carrying a dangerous weapon. His bond is set at $60,000.
"He did receive some pretty serious injuries to his face,” said Colon of the worker.
The assault was an isolated incident, according to Colon. She said that in her decades of working for the Y, the nonprofit has always been and continues to be a safe refuge for people who need its services. Colon also believes the frightening incident was a lesson to everybody in the building to promote a policy of de-escalation.
"If one of our residents is upset about something, calm them down. Say some calling words to them. Our buildings are very safe, our YMCA prides itself on making sure that everything is totally safe."