Police call boy's dirt bike death suspicious

Police are now calling a Wilton teen's dirt-bike death suspicious.Nick Parisot, 13, was riding his dirt bike on a wooded trail in the area of Nod Hill and Hillbrook roads Friday when he got into an accident. Wilton Police Chief Ed Kulhawik said Monday that Parisot's death was the result of an object placed along the path.
"Was it placed there deliberately? Was it placed there as a prank? Was it placed there to demarcate somebody's property line?," Kulhawik said. Authorities would only say that the object was not a stick or rock.
Police are also investigating whether Parisot was moved prior to paramedics arriving. State police and a forensics lab are assisting with the investigation.
The news that Parisot's death could have been avoided hit close to home for those who knew him. "The best way I could describe him was an easygoing kid who really loved the outdoors," said Parisot's Scoutmaster Steven Gorenbergh. "He had just graduated from middle school."
Gorenbergh plans to establish an award in the teen's honor.