Police call Long Beach West a crime scene after fire

Investigators are now calling Long Beach West in Stratford a crime scene after Thursday?s fire that destroyed at least three summer cottages.
Stratford police detectives and the fire marshal searched through the rubble and debris Friday morning. Police say there are several stories about people or kids who may have been at the cottages before the fire started.
Police have interviewed about 30 people and issued four citations to those who were trespassing on town property. According to authorities, three of those citations were given to minors. However, no arrests have been made so far.
The entire Long Beach West area is closed to the public during the investigation.
The fire started in one cottage on the peninsula. Firefighters were forced to tear down several other cottages to prevent fire embers from igniting them. The cottages have been vacant for some time after the state Supreme Court sided with the town in an eviction battle with about 45 cottage owners.
Firefightersbattle blaze at Pleasure Beach cottage