Police: Car thefts on the rise in Fairfield

<p>Fairfield police say they have seen an uptick in the number of stolen cars in the area.</p>

News 12 Staff

Jul 26, 2017, 6:44 PM

Updated 2,491 days ago


Police: Car thefts on the rise in Fairfield
Police in Fairfield are warning residents to take precautions as the number of car thefts in the area is on the rise.
Police say 35 cars have been stolen since April 1. In many cases, they say the cars are left unlocked with the keys inside. Police say they are not seeing cars with windows broken and many are not hot-wired either. 
Sgt. Michael Paris, of the Fairfield Police Department, says cars that have a push button start are easy targets if the keys are left inside.
Police say the most recent incident happened Wednesday morning, when a car was stolen right out of someone's driveway. Police say the man left his car unlocked with the keys inside while he ran into the house.
In addition to car thefts, police say the number of reports of items stolen from cars has also increased. 

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