Police commission calls on state officials to deal with rising car thefts in Fairfield County

The New Canaan Police Commission is calling on state officials in Hartford to help prevent rising car thefts throughout Fairfield County.
The commission says in New Canaan alone, car thefts are up more than 200% since 2019.
During a meeting Wednesday, the commission said there needs to be policy to help combat the juveniles committing these crimes.
Police say the majority of the thefts are done by juveniles and there needs to be programs to help stop the reoccurrence of these crimes.
State officials spoke about some examples to assist police which include GPS monitoring, fingerprinting and creating rehabilitation programs that will prevent juveniles from repeating these crimes.
Police have been able to track down where some of the stolen cars end up - nine cars were found in Bridgeport, eight cars in Waterbury and even two cars were found in Newark, New Jersey.
Police say the majority if these stolen cars were all unlocked.