Police: Crowbars used to break open 4 USPS collection boxes

Police in several towns are warning people to be careful about what they put in the mail after four post office boxes were broken into over the weekend.
Wilton police say someone used a crowbar Saturday night to break open a United States Postal Service collection box.
Around the same time, Weston police say three boxes in their town center were broken into the same way.
Officers say it's important for residents to take care when mailing money or private documents, as mailbox thefts are on the rise in the area.
They say mail thieves are usually looking for spending money or access to accounts.
Officers say if you're mailing checks or important documents, it's a good idea to skip the mailbox altogether.
They say the best way to combat this is to bring mail directly into the post office and put it in the slots there.
Police say despite their best efforts, they don't think mailbox crime is going away anytime soon.