Police expand search beyond Connecticut for missing Stamford man

The 63-year-old was last seen around 6:30 p.m. Dec. 29 when he left his son's house in Bridgeport headed home to Stamford.

Marissa Alter

Jan 10, 2023, 12:52 AM

Updated 496 days ago


As another day passes with no answers, the fear grows for Errol Whyte's family.
"I just want him to come home or if not, we hear something. We need to know something," said Nick Whyte, Errol Whyte's son. "No one should go through this, you know?"
The 63-year-old was last seen around 6:30 p.m. Dec. 29 when he left his son's house in Bridgeport headed home to Stamford. The next morning police discovered Errol Whyte's red 2002 Ford Explorer abandoned on the side of I-95 south between exits 18 and 17 in Westport.
"We have his two phones that were left back in the car. We're analyzing them now. His wallet was left back in the car," Capt. Diedrich Hohn explained. Errol Whyte's ID and cash were gone from his wallet.
Hohn said the SUV didn't run out of gas or break down. And Errol Whyte doesn't have dementia or other medical issues. Hohn told News 12 cameras on I-95 haven't provided answers either since they don't record. Police have now expanded their search beyond Connecticut.
"We have flyers put up all over the tristate area. He has some contacts up in the Massachusetts area and also the Bronx has a big Jamaican community we're looking at. We've called all hospitals, all medical facilities from the Bronx to Hartford and still nothing," Hohn said.
Errol Whyte's landlord is also concerned. He described him as a stable and dependable tenant for 20 years, who has never missed rent. And police said a close friend told them he's never gone more than three days without speaking to Errol Whyte.
Before a week and a half ago, Nick Whyte heard from his dad pretty much daily.
"This doesn't match up with nothing at all," Nick Whyte told News 12. "It's been hard, devastating for us in every way."
The case is similar to that of 69-year-old Fred Richardson, a Bridgeport man whose car was found empty along I-95 north around Exit 9 in Stamford in 2016. Richardson's keys and wallet were also left behind.
Hohn said the two cases are not connected but there are parallels.
"It just triggers my memory of that case to this case and what else could we do," Hohn explained.
Police said they continue to actively dig for answers. Nick Whyte thinks someone out there has them.
"Please, I beg someone to come forward if they know anything and get this nightmare over with, because it's been a nightmare," Nick Whyte said.
Police want to hear from anyone who saw Errol Whyte's SUV pulled over on I-95 the evening of Dec. 29 through the next morning. Contact Investigator Robert Daly or Investigator James Muhlbauer at 203-977-4639 or the Stamford Police Department front desk at 203-977-4958.

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