Fitness center owner charged in connection with alleged sexual assault of one of his clients

Norwalk police say the owner of local fitness center is charged with sexually assaulting one of his own customers. 
Jose Martinez, 66, is charged with sexual assault.

Police say they got a complaint from a female victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, on July 28, the day after she claims she was sexually assaulted doing core strengthening at Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness Studio.

"During that session, Martinez sexually assaulted the victim and attempted to have intercourse with the victim," says Norwalk Police Lt. Terry Blake. "The victim was able to get away and contacted law enforcement shortly thereafter."

The victim says she has been going to the facility for four months.

Martinez has owned the business for about 35 years, behind a few buildings off Westport Avenue.

Police say Martinez turned himself in today on an active warrant.

Martinez had no comment for News 12 Connecticut.

Martinez is due in court at the end of the month.

The woman and her lawyer tell News 12 Connecticut that they believe there may be more victims.