News 12's Most-Viewed: #3 -‘Come forward for Iris’: Stamford PD urge public to help in mother’s death

News 12 Digital is highlighting the most-viewed stories of 2018 as part of our 'News 12's Most-Viewed' series. This story on police asking the suspect in a fatal shooting to come forward was first published on Nov. 29. Original story below.
Police are urging the public to step forward as they try to piece together what happened to a mother of four who died at Stamford Hospital.
Olga Iris Lopez, 36, was known as Iris in the community. Doctors say she had a massive brain bleed and 30-40 bruises all over her body, both old and new. Police have charged her husband, Hector Lopez, with cruelty to persons for allegedly withholding medical care from her and refusing to call 911.
It was his mother who called for an ambulance from their apartment in Southwood Square after the victim became unconscious. Police say it was too late.
Police say Hector Lopez has a long history of family violence, with previous convictions for assault, stalking and violating a protective order. They want to hear from anyone in the community who knows about the couple's relationship, including past incidents – both reported and unreported.
“It's apparent that people didn't come forward for Iris on the morning of Monday the 26th, so we need people to come forward for Iris now,” says Lt. Tom Scanlon, of the Stamford Police Department. “We need information to help piece together the events that led to her death and also any incidents or details about ongoing family violence.”
Police say more people could face charges as the investigation continues.
An autopsy on Iris Lopez was conducted Wednesday. The results are still pending.