Police identify victims of fatal Shelton car crash

Police have identified the victims of Sunday night's fatal car crash on River Road in Shelton.
They say 20-year-old Lily Pirulli, of Monroe, and 31-year-old Adrian Miles, of Ansonia, were killed in the two-car crash.
The crash happened Sunday night at River Road by Southbank Park around 11 p.m.
Investigators say the white BMW the victims were in with two others went off of the road, struck a guardrail and two trees, and then rolled down an embankment.
Police say the one occupant of the Toyota RAV was not harmed. Police say 26-year-old Meghan Nealy, of Ansonia, who was also in the BMW, is listed in critical condition.
Almost two years ago, Shalymar Herrera and Briana Torres-Carter, who was pregnant, died in a car crash in almost the exact same spot. Lawrence Carter, the driver of the car they were in, is facing negligent homicide charges. Police say River Road is a dangerous stretch of roadway.