‘It’s a Bridgeport icon’: Plastic cone stolen from ice cream shop

Bridgeport police say a large, plastic ice cream cone that belongs to an ice cream shop was reported stolen Friday.
The cone was stolen from  Micalizzi's Italian Ice and Ice Cream on Madison Avenue.
Micalizzi's owner Jay Picirillo says the cone may have been stolen as a prank by somebody who thought they were being funny.
"I'm not laughing because this prop, which has been a part of our business and community for 35 years, means a lot to us. It's not the value monetarily, it's the whole principle of it and we feel violated and we were robbed and we want it back," he says.
City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron, who represents the district, says whoever stole the ice cream cone almost certainly has no idea what they've done.

"This has been part of Micalizzi's for 40 years so why would you do something like this?" she says.

Mayor Joe Ganim says Bridgeport police are taking the theft very seriously.

"They're going to do everything they can to apprehend and return this icon. It's a Bridgeport icon," he says.

Picirillo is offering a cash reward for in the hope that it will be returned. He says there will be no questions asked if the cone is returned.