Police: Armed Milford man refused to come out of home after calling 911

Milford police say a man with possible mental health issues believed to have a gun is refusing to come out of his home, prompting a large police presence.
Police responded to the home at 301 Bridgeport Ave. around midnight.
Police say the man claimed his landlord locked him inside the home following a dispute, so he told police he shot at the lock with a gun.
When police arrived at the home, they say the man wouldn't come out. They say they observed the man through a window with what appeared to be a shotgun or different type of longun.
Police say the Crisis Negotiation Team was called in. They say some homes in the area were evacuated as a precaution. Businesses were also informed to stay closed, but it's up to their discretion if they want to open.
Because there's no schools in the immediate area, police say they haven't been placed on lockdown. But some parents were notified of a change to their child's bus stop location because the area is closed to pedestrian traffic.
Police say pedestrian traffic is restricted from Berwyn Street to Bilyard Street north of Bridgeport Avenue and Fairview Street to Hayes Drive south of Bridgeport Avenue.
A perimeter has been set up along Bridgeport Avenue. Police will remain on scene until the incident comes to a conclusion.
"Special Response Team. We have our negotiators out. Our drone is ready to go so we can have it go by the house, safer than having an officer go right up to the house," PFC Marilisa Anania said. "We have patrol officers surrounding the area, so it's an all-hands-on-deck kind of thing for this."