Police: Man kidnapped wife, cut her before she escaped in Milford

A Massachusetts man is accused of kidnapping his wife and cutting her with razor blades before she escaped in Milford, police say.
Carlos Rosario-Infante, 34, of Holyoke, Massachusetts, was charged with kidnapping, disorderly conduct, threatening, assault and carrying a weapon in a motor vehicle.
The incident happened Sunday after police say the woman, also from Holyoke, escaped a car when Rosario-Infante stopped to rest at 100 Woodmont Road near I-95.
Holyoke is about 80 miles north of Milford.
Police say she then dialed 911. Police later located the car she was in and arrested Rosario-Infante.
The victim told investigators he'd taken her against her will and headed south into Connecticut, and cut her with a razor blade.
Police say it was only when Rosario-Infante pulled off the highway to sleep that the victim got her chance and found her cellphone before escaping.
Police say Rosario-Infante told the victim she'd be dead soon, and that he was taking her to New York to get rid of her.
Court documents show text messages she sent to her sister including, "he won't let me go home and I'm scared," "Idk where I am and he sliced me," and "he says he's gonna kill me."
Police also recovered a BB gun inside of the car.
Court documents show Rosario-Infante has a history of domestic violence.