Bridgeport police: Argument between roommates led to fatal shooting

Bridgeport police say an argument between two roommates Friday morning led to a fatal shooting inside a multifamily home.
The incident took place along a one-block stretch of Mill Hill Avenue.
Authorities say a 53-year-old male victim was shot dead on the first floor of the home around 10 a.m. Shortly after police arrived, the suspected shooter, a male, surrendered to police.
Police say the suspect called 911 saying he had shot his roommate, who was pronounced dead at the scene from a gunshot wound to the chest.
Ana Serrano, a neighbor, told News 12 that the two “used to argue a lot.”
"He was nice to me. He helped me with my packages. We talked," Serrano said about the victim.
Authorities say the roommate is cooperating with police and is not being charged pending further investigation. Around 1:45 p.m., as investigators executed a search warrant, state police showed up to remove the body.
Police say the motive for the shooting remains unclear.