Police: Man run over by own car in Norwalk parking lot

A freak accident in Norwalk left a man in the hospital, and good Samaritans are to thank for coming to his aid.
Just before 1 p.m. Friday, police say no one was inside a car when it rolled over a man in a parking lot on Connecticut Avenue. The vehicle was owned by the victim, a 69-year-old Norwalk man.
A witness says the victim tripped and the car drove right over him.
People nearby saw what was unfolding and ran toward the man. One witness says he jumped out of his own car to try and save him.
"It hit his stomach and it stayed there, so I'm yelling at people to help me pick the car up and get the car off his stomach as I'm still talking to him," says Jamal Daniels, of Norwalk.
The man was taken to the hospital, but there's no word on his current condition.