Police nab 2 suspects in armed bank robbery

Two men who allegedly robbed a Webster Bank at gunpoint Friday afternoon and fled on foot were caught minutes later at a nearby apartment, police said.
Police say at least two men armed with a gun walked into the bank on Summer Street and demanded money. Tellers handed over an unspecified amount of cash before the robbers ran off on foot.
Officers who were nearby saw men running. Three men were grabbed at Woodmere Road moments after the robbery, and police say two of them were positively identified and arrested. One of the suspects jumped over the river near the New River Bridge. Police say the suspects had a getaway car nearby, and that they found that as well.
?Police cars all turned themselves around and they were running the wrong way down the street,? said Joanne Zemmit, a witness. ? All the cars got all nervous and excited. They chased the men to a parking area ? they had their rifles out. It was all exciting.?
The boyfriend of one of the bank tellers says his girlfriend is pregnant, but that she is OK. No one inside the bank was hurt.