Police: Nunchucks, knife and 6 pounds of marijuana seized; couple arrested in Trumbull

A Bridgeport woman and a man from the Bronx were arrested during a traffic stop in Trumbull that led to the discovery of over 6 pounds of marijuana and several weapons, police say.
Trumbull police say they arrested a Bridgeport woman and a man from the Bronx on drug and weapons charges following a traffic stop.
Officers say 35-year-old Coretta Hines-Campbell and 43-year-old Steffon McDonald were pulled over for a traffic violation early Tuesday off Old Town Road.
Police say they arrested both after officers discovered several pounds of marijuana and weapons in their vehicle.
Police say nunchcuk-style weapons and a large knife were recovered from one of the vehicles.
Both are scheduled to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court on July 19.