Police officer's alleged comments spark outrage

Norwalk police are facing a public relations nightmare as they deal with comments allegedly said by an officer about a teen?s fatal stabbing.
Tykwan Hunt, 17, was found stabbed to death outside the McDonald's on Main Avenue Saturday morning. Police say three others were also taken to the hospital with stab wounds following a Friday night party not far from where Hunt was found.
The newspaper The Hour says an officer talked to them based on the condition of anonymity, saying "The fact that he's dead makes the city safer. If he had lived, he would have spent most of his life in jail." "No one should be surprised by where this kid ended up. He lived like a gang member ... he died like a gang member."
Norwalk police say Hunt had a gun on him when he was found and that he associated with known gang members. However, community leaders said that doesn't justify what was said.
Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling say it was already a sensitive situation that they were counting on the public to help them solve. Now, he fears comments printed in Friday?s newspaper could spark more violence.
Police are pressuring The Hour reporter to reveal her source, and are conducting an internal investigation. Meanwhile, Rilling say they are making progress on the murder investigation.
Hunt was laid to rest Friday and police officers were at the church as a precaution. Family and friends say the services were an important part of the healing process. They say Hunt touched many people?s lives.
Click for more from Hunt?s family and friendsTo view a police press conference on the matter, go to channel 612 on your digital cable box and click on iO Extra.
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