Police: Peekskill park to close at night to curb vandalism and illegal dumping

Riverfront Green in Peekskill will be closed to the public from dusk to sunrise beginning Monday night due to recent vandalism, graffiti and illegal dumping.
A chain and lock will be put in place to prevent people from entering. Police say that they also do not want people to park their cars at the park after dark. 
The reaction from the Peekskill residents has been mixed.
Ronald Merriweather, a Peekskill resident, said, “That don't make sense to me...People aren't animals. We have to figure out another way to do things…That's ridiculous.”
Another resident, Toni Bertoline, said “If it helps to prevent any problems or possible damage to the park, maybe that's something they should look into.”
Police say if you find yourself in the park after its been locked, you will have to contact police to let you out.