Police: People ignored shots in Stamford slaying

Detectives say they began investigating a Stamford shooting eight hours after the crime likely occurred because no one reported hearing shots fired.
Authorities released new information Thursday in the murder of Gregory Rowell, 22. They said they've interviewed multiple people who heard the gunfire, and officials now believe Rowell was shot between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Tuesday.
Police also said someone called Rowell's home before midnight to say he was shot. The victim's relatives then called police around 1 a.m. Wednesday to check on reports of a shooting. However, police said they had not received any reports of a shooting at that time.
Rowell's body was found around 6 a.m. Wednesday in his car in a parking lot.
"We began investigating eight hours after the fact and in these types of investigations, you want to jump right on it," said Capt. Richard Conklin, of the Stamford Police Department. "Eight hours is a terrible handicap."
Rowell's cousin is a member of the Stamford Police Department and is working on the case. Relatives are defending Rowell's memory, saying he was not involved in drugs or gangs.
An autopsy was performed, but officials are not releasing any information.
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