Dog taken from Stamford Stop & Shop returned

Security video showed the dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Harlem, outside the supermarket Jan. 16. Harlem's owner said she ran inside the store for less than 10 minutes and tied up her dog outside.
Police say the suspect who took the dog was driving a white sedan with Connecticut license plates. The suspect entered the store in a red jacket and pink pants, with their face obscured by a hat and scarf.
While Harlem's owner was in the store, video showed the suspect untie the dog and walk off with him, even interacting with another shopper as they walked away.
Stamford police say a woman confronted her mother about her new dog after seeing the surveillance footage of Harlem. That woman was accompanied by her family when they brought the dog to the police station.
The person who took the dog is expected to face charges.
"You know despite age or anything else that is involved, you took somebody else's property, its like their family member, you took their family member from them," says Stamford Police Cpt. Tom Barcello.
Police say the dog appears to be in good health.