Police say two Norwalk bank robberies not connected

Two Norwalk banks were robbed Monday, bringing the number of bank robberies in the city to nine since the beginning of May.
The robberies occurred within a span of about one hour. The first took place at the New Alliance Bank, located at 79 New Canaan Ave., around 1:15 p.m. The second occurred at the TD Banknorth Bank, located at 184 Main St. The amount of money stolen has not been disclosed.
Police have arrested one suspect, 26-year-old Isaiah Gary, of Stamford. Gary was charged with robbing the TD Banknorth Bank. Detectives said they found Gary in the back of a taxicab that was taking him out of the area. The search is still on for another suspect.
Capt. Rosemarie Arway, of the Norwalk Police Department, says there was no connection between Monday?s two robberies.
In light of the recent robberies, people who work near the area are becoming concerned. They are afraid that their stores and businesses could be targeted next.
Norwalk police said they are becoming quite successful in the number of arrests they?ve made for the recent robberies.
"I believe we have four in custody right now for four different bank robberies, and we have two pending,? Capt. Arway said. ?So having basically solved six out of nine cases, it's a pretty good batting average."
Gary appeared in court for arraignment Tuesday. He's being held on $250,000 bond.