Police: Scammers targeting Trumbull seniors

Police in Trumbull are warning the public about scams targeting seniors in the area.
Scammers are claiming to be a family member that has an illness or was arrested.
The caller will put urgency into helping them and tell the victim not to contact anyone, especially the police.
The caller could also claim to be a law enforcement official that has custody of the victim's family members and demands bail or funds for their release.
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The caller could claim to be law enforcement stating that victim's Social Security Number or bank accounts have been "compromised."  The caller will ask for personal information to "verify" the identity of the person they are calling, getting the victim's information.
Police say to be aware of “distraction scams” where suspect(s) "randomly" show up at the home of seniors pretending to be from a utility company, and then try to lure their way into the house to steal valuables.
Police say to avoid scams, seniors should resist the urge to act immediately no matter how dramatic the story is.
Verify the caller's identity and ask questions that a stranger would not be able to answer.
Check with a family member to see if the information is true.
Do not send cash, gift cards, or conduct money transfers.
Do not give personal or bank account information by email, over the phone, or by logging into bank accounts as directed by the caller.
Police say do not respond to random calls, emails, or text messages that contact you for personal information.
Anyone with information about scams is asked to contact the Trumbull Police Department please call 203-261-3665.