NYPD, DC police, ATF search for suspect in shootings of homeless individuals

The NYPD and DC Metropolitan Police say the same individual is responsible for multiple shootings involving homeless individuals in both jurisdictions.
The departments are jointly investigating with the ATF. They released a photo of the person they are seeking. 
In a news release, the NYPD highlighted two shootings - one fatal - as part of the investigation. 
Police say that the person they are looking for was also responsible for shooting three other homeless people in Washington D.C.
About 2 dozen people came out in lower Manhattan Sunday evening to call on the mayor for a safer city and to hold a vigil for the man who was killed while sleeping on the corner of Layfette Street.
They are calling for the city to provide more of a safe haven for the homeless like additional beds and housing.
Among the crowd were groups like Housing Works, VOCAL-NY and elected officials from the area.
"We're also here calling for the elimination of homelessness, for the creation of public policy and the passage of public policy and a city and state budget that actually puts our money where our values are," says Jawanza Williams, director of organizing for VOCAL-NY.
Police say no one is in custody yet and that the victim who survived in New York City is in stable condition.