Police: Stamford man killed close friend by strangulation

Police say Abraham Talbert, 22, strangled Jaquan Tahir Saez in March at Boccuzzi Park.

Mark Sudol

Jul 12, 2023, 9:31 PM

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Police say a Stamford man is behind bars for killing one of his best friends.
Police say Abraham Talbert, 22, strangled Jaquan Tahir Saez in March at Boccuzzi Park.
Talbert's bond was raised Wednesday to $2 million.
"They met at the park late at night on the 19th and some type of physical altercation occurred.  There's sufficient evidence to prove that," said Stamford Police Sgt. Sean Boeger.
Saez's family and friends stood outside the courthouse Wednesday. They are thankful about the arrest but hoping Saez' memory lives on.
"It won't bring Jay back, but it's kind of a little bit of relief that we are receiving a little bit of justice and hopefully the courts do the right thing," said family spokesman Wilner Joseph.
"It was very clear that he was very special to them, and they may get some sort of solace that we found the person that was, you know, responsible for his death, however I'm sure this is probably going to be something that they will never recover from," said Stamford Police Lt. Doug Deiso. 
As News 12 Connecticut first reported, Talbert was arrested by police Tuesday afternoon at his home.
Police spent months investigating to make sure they had the right suspect.
"This one had a very large amount of video evidence.  A very large amount of forensic evidence at the scene, so it takes time to process that," said Boeger. 
Police said Saez and Talbert have known each other for four years, most likely from their time at Westhill High School. Police believe Saez was also struck with something in the altercation.
"We don't know the direct motive as to why this occurred between the suspect and the victim," said Boeger.
Police said no one else was involved.
Talbert is due back in court Sept. 18.

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