Police: Stamford teen arrested for string of burglaries over several months

A Stamford teen has been arrested after police say he committed a string of burglaries in the city over several months.
Police say they got a call early Sunday morning from someone saying they were holding the suspect after he took some of their things.
Investigators say an hour after they arrested the 17-year-old, more calls were coming in from other people saying they were also robbed.
Police believe the suspect is responsible for possibly five more burglaries on the west side of town over the last four to six weeks.
"The homes that he entered were either through an unlocked window or an unlocked door. So he would try doors and windows if they were open he'd go in grab whatever was in sight on a coffee table, keychain, kitchen counter. If there was a car key there he would take that and try to start the car and go," said Sgt. Sean Scanlan.
Stamford police remind people to lock their homes and cars.
They say a team of investigators are still actively working the case.
Police say the suspect is being held at the juvenile detention center in Bridgeport.