Police step up patrols in Black Rock after recent spate of robberies

Residents in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport voiced their concerns during a public meeting over an uptick of break-ins and robberies.
Black Rock residents spoke Thursday night at the Burroughs Community Center during a public meeting.
Police say as a result of the concerns they are now stepping up patrols.
"Our officers in particular are going to be very visible in this area, and they're going to take enforcement on anything that they see," said Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez.
Police say there's been an increase in strong-armed robberies. However an arrest was not made Wednesday night in a string of recent cases connected to the Black Rock area.
According to Harborview Market owner Enrique Torres, a "couple of people have been held up." He also said there have been a few car robberies and some break-ins.
Every neighborhood in Bridgeport will eventually see additional foot patrols thanks to a federal grant.
Authorities are encouraging people in the Black Rock neighborhood to lock their homes, as well as their cars.