Police: Suspect in Bethel woman’s slaying confessed to another shooting

The man who allegedly killed a Bethel woman two weeks ago is on his way back to the state from Ohio and police say he has admitted to shooting another woman.
Brandon Roberts is charged with killing 25-year-old Emily Todd, whose body was found on a boat ramp in the east end of the city two weeks ago. Police say he met Todd weeks earlier through a dating app.
Police say Roberts, 26, also confessed to shooting a woman near Kossuth Street in June of last year, though that victim survived the attack. In that incident, police say Roberts was driving his car and tried to lure a woman into the vehicle for the purpose of having sex with her, then shot her from behind.
Officials say Roberts fled to his father's house in Ohio, where they eventually caught up with him.
"We're putting out feelers out there, we're reaching out to other police departments, asking if they have similar cases, because we could be dealing with a serial killer here at this point," says Chief A.J. Perez. "We need to put people like this in jail because we don't know who we're dealing with here. It could be, like I said, a serial killer, someone who does this, he has no conscience whatsoever."
Roberts' father tells a very different story, saying his son is a good person who was a victim of circumstance. He also says Roberts was himself a victim of violent crime, shot and badly beaten when he was a teen.  
City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron says she's grateful Roberts will be facing justice in the city where the killing took place.