Police: Swatting incident draws large response in Stamford

The Stamford Jewish Community Center was in temporary lockdown and Trinity Catholic High School was in a temporary shelter in place Thursday during an incident that turned out to be a hoax.
Stamford police say they received a call in the afternoon from a blocked number about a shooting inside a house and a potential hostage situation.
Ambulances and police cars blocked off traffic and sections of the road, while the authorities investigated the residence at 957 Newfield Ave.
The residence is across the street from Trinity Catholic High School. Due to the nature of the call, Assistant Chief of Police Tom Wuennemann says police handled it as they would any dangerous situation.
Eventually, police determined that there was no one inside the home. They called it a swatting incident.
Back in 2017, there was an attempt to make swatting a felony, but the legislation never passed.