Police: Thieves steal parts from fleet of rental vans in Bridgeport

A fleet of rental trucks is out of service in Bridgeport after professional thieves targeted a local business.
Owner of Boston Avenue Auto, Harry Gill, said that someone cut catalytic converters off his entire fleet of rental vans Wednesday night, causing the business to take an $8,000 loss.
Investigators from the Bridgeport Police Department told News 12 that this was no amateur thief. Police say that catalytic converters, which are part of a vehicle’s exhaust system, are popular among thieves because the part does not usually have identifying markings and can be easily sold to scrap metal dealers, who often don’t ask too many questions.
Gill told News 12 that the theft has crippled his business, which he said took him a lifetime of work to build up. He said it’s illegal to operate the trucks without the catalytic converters and that it was obviously a professional who stole the parts based on the clean cuts to the undercarriage of the vehicles.
Gill also said that whoever did this also managed to avoid his security cameras.