Torrington EMT arrested for setting multiple fires at EMS facilities across Connecticut

A Connecticut EMT was arrested for setting four fires using Molotov cocktails.

News 12 Staff

Mar 1, 2021, 12:12 AM

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A Connecticut EMT was arrested for setting four fires using Molotov cocktails.
Authorities say 37-year-old Richard White, of Torrington, is an EMT for Hunter's Ambulance who had been placed on administrative leave following an altercation.
They say he threw Molotov cocktails at Hunters Ambulance locations in Meriden and Old Saybrook. They say he also targeted the Roxbury Fire Department and set a house on fire elsewhere in Roxbury.
Police say no injuries were reported.
Authorities say White then fled the state and was arrested in Milton, Pennsylvania.
When first told of the attacks by law enforcement, Bill Schietinger, the regional director at American Medical Response, says he was shocked by the news.
"There was an individual driving around the state looking to cause harm to EMS workers," he says. "Yeah, at first disbelief that somebody would want to do harm to EMS personnel." Though AMR was not targeted by White, Schietinger says his company was quickly notified and he immediately sent an alert to his staff. 
"A potential threat out there, we didn't know where it was, but we wanted to make sure all of our providers were aware," he says.
A frightening situation, Schietinger says, that makes mental health coverage a top priority.   "Right now, there's legislation up at the state to include EMS in mental health protection in Workman's Comp, there's two bills that are being discussed and we fully support those bills," he says. Schietinger says it's alarming and unusual that a first responder would turn on his own. 
State police say the FBI and ATF have been called in to help. Police say the suspect is awaiting extradition back to Connecticut.

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