Police warn of rash of home burglaries in Trumbull as days become shorter, holiday season nears

Trumbull police are warning the public of an uptick in home burglaries as the days become shorter and the holiday season nears.
Police say there have been a dozen residential burglaries in Trumbull over the past few months occurring between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.
According to police, the burglaries are also being reported in neighboring towns.
Police say the burglars are breaking into homes and rummaging through them when nobody appears to be inside.
However, police say in some reported cases, a few of the burglaries were stopped when the suspects discovered some people were home.
There have been no confrontations between the burglars and residents so far, but police want the public to know burglaries are occurring.
Police say they're working with other law enforcement agencies to determine patterns and similarities in the crimes in order to track down suspects.
Police stress there are several ways to protect your homes and valuables.
Secure money, jewelry, documents, and other valuables in a safe; turn on some lights; make sure burglar alarms or video surveillance systems are in working order and set them to activate when they detect motion and to call 911 if home surveillance equipment alerts of intruders.  
Police also say to remain vigilant.
Police say do not intervene with suspicious cars or people, but to rather just call police immediately.