Police: Witness reports bloody woman yelling for help inside white tractor-trailer

Police in South Brunswick are seeking information about a woman who may be in danger.
Authorities say police responded to Route 130 near the Dayton Toyota dealership for reports of a woman yelling for help around 2 p.m. Wednesday.
A witness told police she saw the woman inside a white tractor-trailer cab. The woman appeared to be bleeding from her face, according to the witness.
“The witness started to advance toward the vehicle and as he did, the woman got yanked back up into the car and the vehicle sped off going 130 southbound,” says Det. Sgt. Timothy Hoover.
Hoover says the truck then got off the highway via the Ridge Road exit. He says the truck is “likely between a 2006 to 2018 Volvo or Mac Bobtail truck. At the time it wasn't carrying a trailer with it."
The woman was described as white or Hispanic, in her 20s, with long brown hair and a brown flannel shirt.
The truck driver was described as a white, older man who is bald, had a white beard and was wearing a blue shirt.
Police say they are considering this a domestic dispute situation. They have already received some tips.
Anyone who may have information is asked to call South Brunswick Police at 732-329-4646.