Police: Woman arrested after reportedly leaving baby in hot car

<p>Police say a New Canaan woman was arrested Saturday after reportedly leaving a baby in a hot car.&nbsp;</p>

News 12 Staff

Aug 12, 2017, 3:01 PM

Updated 2,478 days ago


Police say a New Canaan woman was arrested Friday after reportedly leaving a baby in a hot car last month.
They say the mother turned herself in.
Police say they were called to the scene at Elm Street on July 19 after a report that a child had been left in an unoccupied vehicle. When arriving to the scene, police say they found Kathryn Ferguson holding the 11-week-old child.
Officials say it was about 80 degrees outside on the day Ferguson left her child in the car. Experts say temperatures inside the car can reach 100 degrees within 10 minutes during hot summer days. They say temperatures can keep climbing to nearly 130 degrees as more time passes by.
Dr. Kilbourn Gordon, of Physician One Urgent Care, says a baby's body can't cope with rapid dehydration.
"It could happen in minutes," she says. "Organs fail, multi-organ failure, cardio collapse."
According to authorities, Ferguson called 911 because the baby was screaming and crying with hair matted down by sweat. They say the baby was taken to a local hospital and turned out to be OK.
Ferguson claims she had left the child alone for 10 minutes to go shopping. However, officials say security cameras show the woman parked her car, shopped at Shoes 'N More, and stopped for a lemonade before heading back to her car– gone for a total of 48 minutes.
Officials say Ferguson is being charged with risk of injury to a child.
State Rep. Gail Lavielle has teamed up with Wilton police to proactively remind residents not to leave children or pets in cars and to call police if they spot a similar scenario.

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