Political-sign backlash hits Woodbridge woman

A Woodbridge woman says neighbors are targeting her family over a political sign she put in front of her home.
Holly Pyne says her sign at 166 Center Road drew a fierce reaction from neighbors because they thought it was threatening and a slight to Sen. Barack Obama. The sign read, "Will The Morons Who Stole My NObama Signs Please Die."
"[We have] lots of people who stopped by and said we're horrible people and [we've] received letters from people complaining," Pyne says.
Pyne says the sign was put up after an original sign, which read "NObama," was twice stolen from her home. After many complaints, Pyne and her husband say they've decided to revise the sign to read, "Morons Stole Our Obama Signs." Pyne says even though she covered some words, she doesn't plan to take the sign down.
"I don't agree with it [and] I don't agree with the way they said it, but it is their right under the [U.S.] Constitution," says Jennifer Just, who lives across the street from the Pynes and works for Obama's campaign in Connecticut.