Political strategist: Stefanowski's charitable effort raises eyebrows in Democratic establishment

Democrat Harry Bell, founder of The Color of Positive Thought Organization, has found an unlikely supporter for his foundation – Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski and his wife, Amy. 
Bell tells News 12 over the past few years as private citizens, the Stefanowskis have become the biggest supporters for the organization. 
The Stefanowskis have made appearances at many of Bell’s events, causing some Democrats to raise the eyebrows. Perhaps it is because there is a governors race and Bridgeport mostly supports incumbent Gov. Ned Lamont. 
Political strategist Kirk Wesley uses the term “pandering” to explain why Democrats are questioning this. 
“People go into certain communities and do things to garner support and votes,” says Wesley. “This could be an example of pandering. I’m not saying it is, but it could be.” 
When asked by News 12 reporter Frank Recchia if he was helping because it is “where you’re heart is” or for the votes, Stefanowski said the decision was made years ago. 
“We started three or four years ago before Amy and I ever decided we were ever going to run for governor again,” says Stefanowski. 
Stefanowski says with their blue-collar roots, everything he and his wife do is to help people.
“It’s the right thing to do,” he said.  
Bell says it does not matter what side of the aisle people are on. His only concern is that children across the region get the help they need.  
“We have youth dying every single day,” says Bell. “I can’t worry about where I get help from when I have youth next to me that’s scared to go certain places without me.” 
Democratic State Sen. Dennis Bradley says Stefanowski should not be criticized for being charitable, especially if he has always been that way. 
“I don’t see any political pandering,” says Bradley. “I see this as a person who wants to make a difference.” 
Stefanowski says no matter the views people have, he and his wife will continue their work.