Popular Bethel coffeeshop finds rainbow flag burned; community responds with kindness

Members of the Bethel community are showing their support for a coffeehouse that was recently vandalized in a potential act of hate. 
Police are investigating after someone took a rainbow flag from the front of Molton Java, burned it and left it at the door. They say they are taking the incident seriously and are combing through security camera footage to find the culprit.
The charred rainbow flag left at the door of Molton Java. The charred rainbow flag left at the door of Molton Java.
The coffeeshop, which prides itself on its welcoming environment, is the “heartbeat” of Bethel, as one customer put it.
“It’s not just a coffeehouse. It’s a place for people to gather from all walks of life,” says state Rep. Raghib Allie-Brennan (D-2nd District). "You always think it can’t happen here, but it can. I think it’s a real opportunity for us to have a conversation about kindness and inclusion.”
Allie-Brennan, a member of the gay community himself, says whoever did this doesn't speak for Bethel as a whole. That has been evident by the community's response.
According to workers, customers have been dropping off rainbow flags ever since the incident occurred. Barista Marissa Amundsen says customers also ordered flags online.
“It’s too bad we can’t all hug it out right now, but that’s coming too,” she says.
On Tuesday morning, Suzanne Hall-Fritsch placed a lawn sign outside the coffeeshop that says: "Hate has no home here." 
"Now it’s here, and it warms my heart because hate has no home here at Molten Java or in Bethel," she says.