Popular ‘Dinosaur Safari’ exhibit returns to the Bronx Zoo

Be prepared to be transported millions of years ago as the Bronx Zoo brings back their Dinosaur Safari with even more dinosaurs.
This is the first time that the zoo is featuring its popular dinosaur exhibition since 2019. The immersive experience is a quarter-mile walkthrough that features 52 life-sized animatronics dinosaurs that move and roar just like they did millions of years ago.
Dinosaur Safari features the 40-foot-long tyrannosaurus rex, a mamenchisaurus (the largest dinosaur in the exhibit) and raptors.
"Kids love dinosaurs, and some of the new ones this year are really big. We have a memenchisaurus that is 70 feet long from head to tail and we have the tyranosaurus rex which is another popular one with the kids," says Max Pulsinelli, WCS Zoos executive director of communications.
There is also a sandbox for future paleontologists to discover some hidden dinosaur fossils.
The zoo hopes that the exhibit can also serve as an educational experience for kids to compare the Mesozoic creatures to the animals that walk the Earth today.
"Some of them are walking on two feet, some of them are walking on four, some of them are flying. A lot of these environmental adaptations can be seen in modern animals and animals here at the zoo," Pulsinelli says.
The Dinosaur Safari will open to the public starting next Monday and will operate until Halloween.
For ticket information, follow this link.