Popular Stratford restaurant Marnick's closes

A community is in shock and former employees are scrambling after a popular Stratford restaurant shut down.
Marnick's closed its doors Friday night for good. The owner confirmed that he sold the restaurant as of 2 p.m. Tuesday.
The Rodeway Inn was under the same ownership as the beloved restaurant and was included in the sale.
After 62 years, Marnick's former owner Nick Quattone says he had a good run, but now was the time to shut down and retire.
Along with customers, employees were also shocked by the sale.
"I have no income now, so I'm going to have to worry about my child support, my rent, all that is up in the air now," says Marnick's sous chef Daniel Henthron.
There is no word yet on what the new owner will do with the motel and restaurant.