Postal officials reverse course on toy drive decision

Less than 24 hours after announcing they would no longer participate in the seasonal Toys for Tots charity gift drive, postal officials have had a holiday change of heart.
Postal representatives announced Friday they will continue to provide drop boxes at post offices across southwestern Connecticut.
Connecticut's post offices have taken part in the Marine Corps fundraiser for 15 years. Postal officials announced Thursday they would stop participating in the charity drive.
Residents appreciate the postal service's ongoing sponsorship and say the last-minute change was the right thing to do.
"It makes things a lot easier and a lot nicer," says Vincent Grant, of Norwalk. "God bless the post office."
The initial decision to stop participation came after an employee made a formal complaint, saying supporting Toys for Tots and not other charities was a double standard. While the charity drive will continue throughout this season, officials have announced they will re-examine the holiday policy for 2008.