Power & Politics - Cell towers, tolls latest and Blumenthal on Iran

The road to a tolls compromise hit a major road block this week, plus a look at cell tower legislation and Sen. Blumenthal discusses US tensions with Iran.

News 12 Staff

Jun 22, 2019, 4:47 PM

Updated 1,755 days ago


Anyone with a smartphone knows that getting a good signal in western Connecticut can be a challenge. There's a reason for that -- the state has a cumbersome process for approving new towers. But a new law could change that. Host John Craven is joined by John Emra, from AT&T Connecticut, to discuss.
And the road to a tolls compromise hit a major road block this week. Gov. Lamont met with top lawmakers -- including Republicans -- hoping to strike a deal. Instead, both sides seem farther apart than ever. Joining the show to talk about tolls and much more is Joe Polletta, the new Republican state rep from Watertown.
And there are fears that America could end up in an armed conflict with Iran. This week, Iran shot down a $130 million American drone. In response, President Trump approved military strikes against Iran -- but he called them off at the last minute. News 12 spoke with Sen. Richard Blumenthal about what could be next.
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