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Power & Politics - Ethan's Law, tolls latest and Blumenthal on impeachment

Lawmakers give approval to Ethan's Law, the latest on tolls and Sen. Blumenthal reacts to special counsel Robert Mueller's broken silence.

News 12 Staff

Jun 1, 2019, 5:24 PM

Updated 1,848 days ago


Lawmakers at the state Capitol gave approval last week to Ethan's Law, the first major gun control legislation since the wave of laws after Sandy Hook. Ethan Song's mother, Kristen Song, joins the show, along with Jeremy Stein of Connecticut Against Gun Violence.
And -- first a vote on tolls was off. Then it was back on again. And now -- who knows? News 12's John Craven speaks with Patrick Sasser, the Stamford firefighter heading the "No Tolls CT" movement.
Plus, special counsel Robert Mueller broke his silence on the Russia investigation this week. Sen. Richard Blumenthal discusses his thoughts on whether Democrats should pursue President Trump's impeachment.
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