Power & Politics: Ganim, Gomes on alleged ballot stuffing in the Bridgeport mayoral primary

A lawsuit and multiple investigations have been opened after a bombshell video appears to show ballot stuffing in the Bridgeport mayoral primary – but will a new election be ordered?
Bridgeport's Democratic Mayoral Primary last week ended with Mayor Joe Ganim winning by 251 votes. Challenger John Gomes did not concede and said immediately, "There will be tangible evidence that this election was sabotaged and stolen again."
Last Saturday, an explosive video surfaced showing a woman dropping stacks of papers into an absentee ballot box outside the government center in Bridgeport. The Gomes campaign says it was Wanda Geter-Pataky, a Ganim supporter.
Gomes, alleging voter fraud, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday. He’s asking a judge to either declare him the winner or order a new primary election. The state Elections Enforcement Commission has opened an investigation.
News 12’s Eric Landskroner spoke with both Ganim and Gomes on this edition of Power & Politics.
Also on the show is Gary Rose, a political science professor at Sacred Heart University, who helped break down the situation.