President Biden speaks at dedication of Dodd Center for Human Rights at UConn

President Joe Biden visited the dedication of the Dodd Center for Human Rights on the Storrs campus at UConn Friday with other local officials.
The visit was on the 75th anniversary of the verdict of the Nuremberg Trials, where U.S. Sen. Thomas Dodd prosecuted top German leaders for war crimes during World War II.
The building was named after Thomas Dodd back in 1995 - but his son, Chris Dodd, became included in the name for trailblazing human rights. Biden spoke about Thomas Dodd's dedication and passion to make the trials of the German leaders "a testament for justice."
He also says the Dodd family truly committed themselves to fighting for human rights.
The last sitting president to visit UConn was former President Bill Clinton in 1995 - where he also spoke at the Dodd Center for Human Rights when it first opened.