Priests use airplane to fly over Diocese of Bridgeport and pray during COVID-19 outbreak

Two local priests used an airplane during a prayer fly-over service across the skies of the Diocese of Bridgeport.
Fathers Brian Gannon and Father Flavian Bejan, of St. Theresa Church in Trumbull, took their prayers to the sky flying over the whole Diocese of Bridgeport in a Cessna 182.
They took flight over Saint Theresa's Tuesday around 11 a.m.
They flew with Holy Eucharist in a monstrance and also a statue of the Virgin Mary.
They prayed the rosary and recited several other prayers while asking God to end the spread of the virus, heal the victims, and comfort those suffering.
Twenty four towns make up the Diocese of Bridgeport, and the flight took around 40 minutes.
Their trip was inspired by an Italian priest who flew over part of Italy in a military plane.
Italy has 6,820 COVID-19-related deaths and the U.S. has 802 deaths.
The Diocese of Bridgeport says several churches have now been live streaming their Masses since they can't be held in-person.
Churches have also been holding drive-through confessions.
The impact of the coronavirus around the world