Pro-life, pro-choice groups rally separately at state Capitol

Pro-choice and pro-life groups held two different rallies at the Capitol Tuesday in response to several states passing laws that virtually ban abortion.
Gov. Ned Lamont told the crowd he is committed to protecting abortion rights in Connecticut. He says he is also reaching out to companies that do business in states like Alabama, Georgia and Missouri, where strict abortion laws have been passed.
Lamont wrote in a letter sent to women CEOs in those states, "We would urge you to relocate your operations to a state that supports the rights of women."
For some women, this fight is personal.
"I had three friends back in the '60s use coat hangers for abortions," says Debbie Cook. "We can't have that anymore. Two of them died."
On the other side of the Capitol, another rally was held by anti-abortion groups. They say they are upset about a law that would allow the state attorney general to target pregnancy centers that he says are using misleading or deceptive practices.
"It would allow the attorney general to decide what he thinks is false advertising and then punish, even financially, give consequences to pregnancy resource centers, making them pay for corrective advertising," says Christina Bennett of the Family Institute of Connecticut.
That pregnancy center bill is the only one that is being considered at the state Capitol this year.