Officials: 1 injured, dozens displaced by propane tank explosion

Bridgeport firefighters say one person was injured and seven families were displaced after a propane tank exploded in a multifamily home Sunday.
News 12 Connecticut was told that the explosion happened on White Street around 10 a.m.
The explosion left a hole on the side of the house.
Taneka Walker, who lives on the second floor, says the experience was horrifying.
Authorities say the explosion caused a small fire, but they were able to quickly put it out. They say the size of the hole shows what a powerful explosion even a small propane tank can cause.
Investigators say a man that lived on the first floor received second degree burns and is being treated at Bridgeport Hospital's burn unit.
Firefighters say there were few people at the house during the explosion.
They say the Red Cross is working with the families to provide temporary shelter.
Firefighters say the propane tank was being improperly used to power a portable heater.