Prosecutors show footage of Fotis Dulos’ spree of trash bin visits during Day 7 of Troconis trial

Prosecutors analyzed surveillance footage Tuesday on Day 7 of the Michelle Troconis trial, saying that the videos show Fotis Dulos stopping by numerous trash bins in Hartford's North End, just hours after his wife Jennifer disappeared 70 miles away in New Canaan.
Police say Fotis Dulos used a black pickup truck to dump evidence.
State police say Dulos' cellphone led them to a 4-mile stretch of Albany Avenue where surveillance cameras immediately raised red flags.
"I observed the individual take what appeared to be contractor-style black garbage bags from the rear of his vehicle,” said Sgt. Michael Beauton.
"I notified my supervisor, Matt Gonzalez, about what I'd seen – specifically, the trash getting dropped off in multiple City of Hartford garbage cans,” said Trooper Brett Attmore.
Dulos' girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, is on trial for conspiracy to commit murder, hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence.
In one clip, a woman is seen leaning out of the truck.
Police were unable to recover many of the items tossed in the trash, but they did locate two altered license plates belonging to Fotis Dulos that were dumped in a sewer.
Troconis' attorney Jon Schoenhorn reminded the court that Fotis Dulos – who killed himself four years ago – is not on trial.
"This is not the trial of Fotis Dulos. It is the trial of Michelle Troconis…I'm not here to defend Fotis Dulos, or what he did or didn't do,” he said.
Trial notes: There was another issue with a jury member during Monday’s proceedings. A juror said he grew up with State Police Sgt. Michael Beauton, who testified, and said their fathers were friends. The judge let him stay after discovering that they didn’t have a close prior relationship.
Two alternate jurors were tossed out last week.